About PazLo

PazLo Education Foundation has been engaging ALL learners, strengthening schools and transforming education in Los Angeles for over a decade.  Our leadership bring several decades of education experience working with vulnerable student populations throughout the Los Angeles area.  We believe that strong mental health supports are the foundation for a thriving student in our schools and all schools in the country.  

Initially partnering with Diploma Plus, a competency-based education pioneer, and with support from the Gates Foundation we opened an innovative high school in 2008 committed to serving any and all students.  Our counseling structure and program has always been the cornerstone driving our vulnerable students to thrive personally and gradually academically as well.  We have since merged the Diploma Plus Model into our schools and educational model.

Our goal is to share our Diploma Plus innovative competency-based model of education with mental health supports at its center, with schools throughout the country.  We believe mental health supports need to be an essential part of any school, and we are prepared to teach, develop and partner with anyone interested in meeting students where they are.